Thanks for joining us online for our Takeover (6th – 12th grade) lesson. We have lots to do here, so be sure to check it out! 



It’s usually pretty easy to tell when something is or isn’t a big deal. Eating at Taco Bell instead of McDonald’s? Not a big deal. Doing drugs? Big deal. Forgetting to take the garbage out? Not a big deal. But when it comes to something like drugs, alcohol, or other substances sometimes things aren’t as clear. Is Juuling okay? Is it okay to drink just a little alcohol? Are these things a big deal if everyone else is doing it too? This week, we’ll find out. Join us at live.newhope.org at 6 pm on Sunday for the Takeover service. Afterward, we will meet with small groups for discussion. All of our small groups leaders have set up GroupMe chats for their students. If you haven’t heard from your small group leader or need help joining the chat, email takeover@newhope.org.


Check out our daily devotion to get more insight about how God can help us make wise decisions when it comes to substances: https://bit.ly/substancedevo


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You can download the Parent Cue to help you start discussions with their middle or high schooler about substances. Questions? Contact us at info@takeover.com

You can download the Parent Cue here.