Thanks for joining us on-line for our Takeover (6th – 12th grade) lesson. We have lots to do here, so be sure to check it out! 

  • After watching the video lesson think about these discussion questions:

    • Alone is being by yourself, lonely is feeling that you are on your own.  In this time of social distancing do you feel more alone or lonely? 

    • When you start to feel lonely what are some ways you can remind yourself that you are never really alone when you follow Jesus? 

    • So many things are changing for us right now. No school, no sports, no parties, no dances, no plays or recitals, no graduation, no big celebrations. What are you missing most? How are you dealing with it? 

    • How have you used this time to tell others about Jesus or to encourage them in their faith? 

    • If you’re not sure about this following Jesus thing, what’s one step you could take today to understand Him more? 

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